Parental Suicide The StigmaParental Suicide The Stigma

Suicide always has a ripple effect that hits many, including family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and many more. It often carries a negative stigma, especially when the word selfish starts being thrown around. Parental suicide carries an even worse stigma though. Spouses, siblings, or parents of a deceased parent struggle with how or if to tell the children that their parent killed themselves. Learning of a parent’s suicide is extremely difficult for a child. They deal with thoughts of guilt and what if’s. It is also common for these children to develop mental issues of their own, specifically depression.

Many Important Questions Arise in a Family Facing Parental Suicide

* What is the right choice?
* Should you tell a child the truth if their parent kills themselves?
* Or should you hide it until they are at a better mental place to handle the trauma? 

The Telegraph  provides a few stories of parental suicide and how it was handle with the children. Let us know at The American Academy of Bereavement, what your thoughts are on telling children.

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