Palliative Care and Facing the End of LifePalliative Care and Facing the End of Life

End of life care is a sensitive and touchy subject for many and how could it not be? When you’re talking about facing the end of a loved one’s life or the end of your life, it is natural and normal for emotions to run high. There is ever an ongoing debate about the quality of palliative care versus medically induced suicide at the end of life. If a patient cannot afford or doesn’t have access to quality care, should they be made to suffer instead of peacefully passing away if that’s their wish?

Physician Consensus on Palliative Care

On Tuesday August 19th, a group of Canadian doctors gathered to discuss this issue.  Although their opinions differed on how the situation should be dealt with, there was an overwhelming consensus that palliative care is not at the standards it should be.

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