Moving Forward with Grief – a Positive ExperienceMoving Forward with Grief - a Positive Experience

It’s often hard to for people in grief to figure out how to move forward in their lives, whether it be hours or years after someone has died.  This story by Wales Online shows a mother and wife, Rhian Burke, channeling her grief into a positive experience for others. Burke lost her son and husband within the space of five days, but kept moving forward with grief. Burke has thrown herself into the cause of helping other families deal with grief. She organizes several fundraisers to donate money to charities, as well as works with hospitals to give memory boxes to parents with recently deceased children. Rhian Burke is an excellent example of learning how to channel your own grief into positivity for someone else.

Celebration of Life Helps Moving Forward with Grief

The Celebration of Life ceremony is another example of finding ways after someone has died, to continue to honor their memory while healing. The Celebration of Life ceremony released more than 150 butterflies; each in tribute to someone’s loved one.  Opportunities like this are a healthy way to remember the deceased and move forward in your own grief.