Making Yourself Known on Social MediaMaking Yourself Known on Social Media

In this day and age, social media is the easiest and biggest platform to make yourself known. As a grief and bereavement professional or caregiver, boosting your social media platform will make it easier for grieving individuals to find you. Social media can work the same way as a directory and a referral service.

Before you create social media accounts, there are a few things you should think through. Who or what is going to be your social media identity? Make sure to decide if your social media profiles will promote your business, you personally, or both. Once you’ve decided this, make sure you decide what the messages you send out will be like. Will you promote sales, provide information on your personal life, or generally discuss the industry you practice in?

Sharing Helps Grieving Individuals

There are two social media platforms that will boost your business the most and provide the most outreach to potential clients. First is Twitter. Creating a Twitter profile will make you easily searchable to potential clients, as well as keep people updated to information such as hours, vacations, and tips. Second is a Facebook Fan Page. Here you will be able to include all information about your practice and yourself. Facebook users can leave reviews and this will also show up when people search for you on Google.

Utilizing these tips can maximize your business potential. This is imperative to help grieving individuals find the help that they need.