Family Grief with the Loss of a ChildFamily Grief with the Loss of a Child

Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support has recently been awarded a 3 year grant. The grant will focus on bereavement care for families through Missouri that have suffered a pregnancy loss or loss of a child. Read more about the funding and work being done in Missouri for the grieved.

Support Groups Available for Individuals Facing Family Grief

In the weeks after the MH17 plane crash in Ukraine, families and governments are fighting to find a balance for the grieved. The families of the dead are being faced with the hard truth of not seeing some of their loved ones again. Some bodies may never be found and the site could be closed off due to government regulations. Jim Swire offers a small solution of creating relative support groups for the families left behind.

Sharing stories after the death of a child can help parents feel like they have recaptured their lost child. Linda Lawrence Hunt shares a beautiful story of healing after the death of her daughter Krista. Linda and her husband were introduced to the Masai tradition of sharing stories about the deceased after a funeral.