Youth Support



Adam Rabinovitch and Claire Sharkey with Open to Hope: Supporting Children who have Experienced Grief and Trauma


Alliance of Hope- Decreasing the stigma and increasing understanding of the suicide loss experience. Providing direct support to survivors.


Grief Comes to School- Helpful information for teachers, counselors, administrators and parents to create more grief-sensitive schools


Grief Over the Holidays: Educators Can help Students Cope


Grief Resources


Grief Speaks- A resource for information about grieving children, teens and adults. It includes book lists, links, and specific loss information. 
Grief Triggers- How they can be handled in a school setting
Helping Grieving Children and Teens Cope with Difficult Emotion Webinar – Evidence based research and examples from clinical practice to provide strategies and interventions for professionals and clinicians to support children and teen sin coping with these difficult grief reactions. 
HELPING SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN WITH TRAUMATIC GRIEF: TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS- Describes how school-age children may feel when struggling with the death of someone close and offers tips on what caregivers can do to help.


Hotlines & Crisis Numbers


How Children Understand Death & What You Should Say


How to Explain Death to a Child, a Step-by-Step Guide- Death is very difficult for young children to understand, and it can be tough for parents to explain. The best advice: Keep your answers as short and simple as possible, and use these responses as a model.


How to Talk to Children About Illness in the Family


Offering Support: What to Say (or Not) to a Grieving Animal Lover


Professional Preparation- Addresses the general lack of professional preparation in bereavement among school professionals and details the importance and value of providing training in this area.


Sudden- Guides for suddenly bereaved people.


Supporting Children, Teens and Young Adults


Teacher Training Module: Supporting Grieving Students in Schools


The Grief Coach Podcast: How to Talk to Children about Grief and Other Advice with the COPE Foundation


Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors- Tragedy assistance resource for anyone who has suffered the loss of a military loved one. 


Twinless Twin Support Group- International support network that provides mutual support for twins and other multiples who have lost their twin or multiple.