Congratulations to Cruse Bereavement CareCongratulations to Cruse Bereavement Care

Cruse Bereavement Care has recently been awarded an almost £700k grant in order to further their excellence in bereavement care.  They host over 8,000 support sessions a year to help people and families who have lost loved ones. According to Elaine Roub, who works with the charity, “What it allows us to do is provide residential opportunities for families to get away from it all, activity days and ongoing individual support should they need that.”

Even though Cruse Bereavement Care is outside our network of American grief professionals and caregivers, we would like to recognize them for their outstanding work and a warm congratulations for receiving a wonderful grant!

Visit their website to find information about them and opportunities. You may want to extend you own congratulations to Cruse Bereavement Care for their fine work.